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  • 9 Affirmations for Makers & Small Biz Owners

    Happy Sunday! Welcome back to another blog post. 🙂 Today, I will be sharing some of my favorite affirmations I have been using to focus on building...
  • 6 Apps & Websites That Help My Small Biz Thrive !

    Hey makers, small business owners and content creators! This blog post will cover my current top 6 apps and websites that have helped my small biz thrive! 😊These apps and websites range from things I use for my Instagram, marketing and email campaigns. Let's dive in!
  • My Ideal Macramé Studio Setup | Links to Everything I Use as a Maker and Small Biz Owner !

    Hey everyone! Today's blog post will include everything I have in my macramé studio! If you don't already know, I am a full time macramé fiber ...
  • Rope vs. Cord | What's The Difference? Which One Do I Use? Does Size Matter?

    Let's chat about macramé materials! We typically have the choice between rope or cord. What's the difference? Which one should you use for your next project? And does size matter? I get asked about the best macrame material to use so lemme show you the ropes!
  • Meet the Maker

    Hey, I'm Atty !     Hey! My name is Atzimba Cutzih but you can call me Atty. ☻ I am the maker, creator, social media manager, customer service rep...