9 Affirmations for Makers & Small Biz Owners

Happy Sunday! Welcome back to another blog post. ūüôā

Today, I will be sharing some of my favorite affirmations I have been using to focus on building my business, feel confident in what I am doing and keep creativity flowing. On Instagram, I talked about how important affirmations have been for my mindset in growing my business. They really have helped me to shape my thinking and although I have my off days and moments on uncertainty and anxiety, having these affirmations as a foundation to return to has helped reinforce my own confidence. 

Why are affirmations so powerful?

Like with anything that you do over and over again, you start to form habits in ways of thinking and acting. Affirmations are the same. When they are consistently repeated, they begin to change your pattern of thinking. And we all know how powerful thoughts are! Now, again, that's not to say you'll never have another negative thought, but they definitely help you guide you away from thoughts of fear, worry or anxiety. 

How do I use affirmations in my day to day? 

Of course, feel free to incorporate them wherever and whenever feels best for you but I highly recommend to make them either part of your morning or evening routine. 

My affirmations are part of my morning routine as well as part of my entire day.

For my morning routine. . .

I start off my days by stretching for 10-15 minutes and playing this YouTube video while saying affirmations out loud. (I got this video recommendation from Classy Casita and her morning routine! Thanks Emily, this has def helped me so much!)

& throughout the day. . .

I have some affirmations written on post-it notes around my work area to serve as a constant reminder that I AM.

Now, let me share my top 9 affirmations that I've been consistently using!

I believe in myself. 

I have boundless energy & boundless flow of creativity.

My business is growing & expanding each day.

My creativity is boundless & flows effortlessly.

Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied.

I am a money magnet.

I always manage my time effectively.

Creating solution comes easily & naturally to me.

Abundance of every good thing is overflowing in my life. 


I hope these affirmations help you! Please feel free to comment if any really jumped out at you, if you have any favorites or how you incorporate affirmations in your day. I'd love to know!
See ya next Sunday. ūüôā

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