My Ideal Macramé Studio Setup | Links to Everything I Use as a Maker and Small Biz Owner !

must haves for my macrame studio
Hey everyone!
Today's blog post will include everything I have in my macramé studio! If you don't already know, I am a full time macramé fiber artist and cord/rope supplier. I have a designated workspace in my 450sq. ft studio, so I definitely need to make the most of storage and have only the necessities! (As of the time I am writing this blog, March 2021, I am actively looking for a 2 bedroom apartment for my fiancé and myself! We've truly outgrow our tiny space and although I am thankful for the memories we have made here, CBTSS and Adam's own hobbies need way more floor space than what we have now. Please keep your fingers crossed for us that we find something before the rope takes over! 🙂)

Okay, so let's get started! 

First, I am going to mention the things that you need to simply make macrame! Even if you just do this for fun and not a business, I will be sharing all the things that will make your crafting activities so much easier.
The second part of the blog will touch on items that are more specific to the business side of things, such as packing materials, etc.! 
coat rack is necessary for macrame


Here's a quick video if you'd like a summary !

Let's jump right into the obvious! You need GREAT material, right? You want rope or cord that is easy to work with, eco-friendly, matches the color scheme you are going for and something that definitely isn't rough on your hands. Check out all of the options I have for you here!

If you are unsure of what materials you need to use for your projects, check out this blog post explaining the differences between rope and cord, as well as sizing! 

GAME CHANGER. I don't know how I ever did macramé without it! Having one to hang my projects up on as opposed to sitting is key to making big wall hangings!

It's so convenient to have one that is adjustable and on wheels so I can move around as needed depending on the size of the project I am working on. 🙂

This is the one I currently have but I've also been thinking about getting this one or this one or this one to match my office a bit more. . .

Speaking of hanging projects up, the easiest way to do this is with S-hooks! This way, you can either loop the rings for your plant hanger right on or slide in the rod you are creating a wall hanging on! 🙂

  • Driftwood, wooden dowels, O-rings. . .

Basically anything you are putting the cord or rope on ! I love to find my driftwood at the beaches in Ventura! 

A pair that is sharp and cuts easily through thick cord is oh-so essential! These are the ones that I use. 🙂 

a look into my macrame studio

Before moving on to the small business essentials, let me take a quick sec to talk about storage. . .

With such a small space, I really need to make the most of each square foot. I use these wooden crates to organize the cord I am using and a console like this one to hide boxes, mailers, and, yup, even MORE cord.

As far as storing shop inventory, this pegboard is a total lifesaver! It helps me organize all my smaller items so I can see how many I have / need to make.  

small business items



One of the top 3 best investments I have ever made for my business! This label printer has never let me down. The labels don't get stuck and it's SO. FAST. Super awesome that I can easily print my shipping labels at home. . .a huge upgrade from when I had to sneak and print them out at work, SHH! 😉

I use Vista Print for all of my business cards, thank you cards and mailers! Follow the link to get $20 off your $40 order!

Stickers are such a fun freebie to add into your packaging! Trust me, your clients will love it! I use Sticker Mule for all of my stickers. Follow the link to get $10 off your first order!

  • EcoEnclose Packaging

I strive to have CBTSS a very eco-friendly business! I am aware that everything I use creates an impact on this Earth, so all of my packaging materials are chosen with care! EcoEnclose is an awesome brand that focuses on recycled and compostable materials! I get my Kraft mailers here, hemp cord, tissue paper here!

Not as necessary but it really helps to set the mood and helps me focus. I love blending lemongrass with a hint of peppermint for focus. This is a pricer one that I have in my bedroom but I love the look!

***DISCLAIMER: this post contains affiliate links where I may receive commissions from the companies !


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    Hi Kelli! Everything is linked from where I purchased too! The Rollo printer was through Amazon, and yes, coat rack is from Target. Happy creating!

    Atty | C By The Sea Shoppe
  • Well, I have sharp scissors! Haha! Need to get started in getting the rest! Thanks for this blog with all the info. Will be placing an order soon! Need to buy the coat rack first. Did you say you got yours at Target? Also, where did you buy your Rollo printer? Can’t wait to get started! You are such an inspiration!

  • Thank you so much for sharing!! This was incredibly helpful!!

  • This is very helpful information, thank you! I’m trying to set up my own space in our office for macrame and it’s kind of a lot to process. Your set up has always brought me joy. Your colors your materials—you have really nice aesthetic.


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