Custom Orders + Past Collections

Hello, all!  

Looking for a custom piece ? Here are some examples of custom wall hangings + other macramé collections I have done for clients in the past!

I am open to recreating any of my previous works to your liking - we can chat colors, dimensions, patterns, you name it! Let's bring your perfect piece to life!

Vanilla + Terracotta Custom Macrame Wedding Backdrop.    

They can be adapted from a design already existing in my shop, previously made by me or something totally different you have in mind.


Please keep in mind that pricing varies depending on size and detail of a piece. Here is a ballpark estimate of what you can expect, given the WIDTH of the piece: roughly $24 per sq. ft., starting at $110 minimum. Final price will take into consideration full LENGTH, INTRICACY, LABOR, COLOR(S), and SHIPPING. **C By The Sea Shoppe reserves the right to raise above or below given estimates as needed**

Rough estimates given width of piece:

2-3ft $110-189

3-4 ft $190-336

Over 4+ ft $337+